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Collaboration with China is Growing
Prof. Anatoly Sachenko visited Wuhan, China with 9 million populations - Capital of Hubei provinces from April 22 throw April 28. He was invited speaker and a Co-Chairman of the International Conference on Network Security, Wireless Communications and Trusted Computing (NSWCTC 2009), his trips expenses were covered by NSWCTC 2009 OrgCom.

Anatoly Sachenko presented the invited paper Noise-Immune Data Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks Modified Method  (coauthors are Vasiliy Yatskiv and Roman Krepych) and conducted a several negotiations with Dr. Hu Zhengbing, a Chairman of NSWCTC’09 OrgCom  with the purpose of collaboration extension in a scientific sphere. In particular there was discussed a possibility for organization the virtual session on Cyber Security on the IDAACS’2009 workshop in Italy, September, 21-23, 2009. The real speakers will be physically in Wuhan approximately nine thousand kilometers from the conference venue. In addition, it was planed to hold the two joint conferences on Cyber Security, one of them in Kyiv in July, 2009 together with the National Technical University”KPI”, another one on Information Technologies and E-Commerce in 2010 year in Ukraine, possibly in Ternopil.

Dr. Volodymyr Turchenko's Award
Dr. Volodymyr Turchenko received a grant from Marie Curie 7th Framework Programme for the researches of third countries in April, 2009. This grant was intended for development of improved methods of artificial neural networs training on the heterogeneus parallel computing systems in GRID structure that will provide high efficiency of paralleling and design of GRID-based functions library for parallell training of artificial neural networs. The University of Calabria, Italy was selected as a base for these developments.
ICS Delegation Visited University of Maine and Esensors Inc. Company
On April 8-17, 2009 Prof. Anatoly Sachenko, Head of Department of Information Computing Systems and Control and Dean of American Ukrainian School for Computer Science (AUS), and his PhD student Andrew Stepanenko visited the University of Maine, Orono, ME and Esensors Inc. Company, Buffalo, NY, USA within a joint CRDF funded project “Dynamically Reprogrammable Network Capable Application Processor with Internet Capability (NCAP)”.
Visit of Dr. Jan Jurjens
On January 6th, 2009 Dr. Jan Jurjens, Open University, London, (UK http://computing-research.open.ac.uk/jj2924/ ), visited TNEU and participated on several meetings with researchers of the Institute of Intelligent Computer Systems (ICS). In particular, Dr. Jurjens discussed possibilities for scientific cooperation in the area of computer aided verification of security protocols in embedded smart sensor networks. During this meeting Dr. Sachenko and his PhD student Andrew Stepanenko agreed to submit a joint paper to the relevant upcoming conference on networks security which will be held in the city of Wuhan in China late April.
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