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Master program

Specialities of the Master program:

  • Computer Science

  • Project Management

Ass. Prof. Gregorii Hladyi

- Methods and tools of decision making

- Project management

Ass. Prof. Zbyshek Dombrovskyi
- Development of the value - oriented project management methodology.

- Improving portfolio management of energy efficiency projects.

- Portfolio Management for energy saving strategy implementation projects.

- Management of a “smart” energy district project.

- Proactive management of the “smart” road project.

- Improvement of project management to create a “smart” home.

- Development of the project management methodology for creating a corporate information system based on the proactive approach.

- Portfolio Management of Energy Company’s organizational development.

Prof. Anatoliy Sachenko

- Project Management

- Agile methodology

- Project Planning

PhD Oleg Sachenko

- Project management

- Project Portfolio

Ass. Prof. Iryna Turchenko

- Project Management