Grantholder – Prof. Chris Phillips, Newcastle University, Newcastle, UK
National coorditator – Prof. Vyacheslav Kharchenko, National Aerospace University KhAI, Kharkiv
Partner and responsible executor from TNEU – Prof. Anatoliy Sachenko, Ternopil National Economic University

Duration: 2016 – 2018

Objectives: development and modernization of curricula for masters, graduate students and staff of industrial companies in the field of development, research and application of a new branch of Internet of Things (IoT) in accordance with the needs of modern society.

Main project results:
- An outing meeting in Stockholm for all project participants was held to resolve the project structure and direction of its development.
- The responsibilities are divided and teams organized for the development of courses, modules, lectures, laboratory works.
- Managers and co-managers of working groups have been appointed.
- A liability matrix has been developed according to the development courses and modules.
- The structure of courses and modules has been developed, their fullness has been discussed
- The structure of the work programs is determined
- Curricula developed
- Monitoring by the Erasmus + Commission from Kyiv is underway
- Stages for the completion and development of curricula were determined

- Anatoliy Sachenko;
- Myroslav Komar;
- Volodymyr Kochan;
- Vasyl Yatskiv;
- Vasyl Koval;
- Grygoriy Gladiy;
- Iryna Strubytska;
- Zbyshek Dombrovskiy;
- Oksana Dunets.